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About Us

We feel that Junk Solutions is a perfect fit and blending of the various professional backgrounds in which we have been involved. We have designed this business to help make your life and work easier in three areas. Junk removal, maintaining and monitoring commercial dumpsters and maximizing the volume in your large roll off dumpsters. All three services can be used separately or combined and each service will save you money and make your work easier.

About The Owner

While attending Weber State University my wife and I worked as apartment managers and maintained 31 units. Shortly after graduating we invested in our first income property. We understand the issues and problems there can be trying to provide a waste service for your tenants and at the same time not being the local dump spot for everyone that passes by your dumpster.

In 1992 I worked for an office equipment company and in 1995 started my own business called MBS Business Systems Inc., here I learned the value of recycling and reusage. In 2004 I open a company called Shred Masters. This business provided security and destruction for sensitive information. We used surveillance and heavy duty shredding equipment to destroy and recycle over 50 tons every month. This opportunity gave us insight into the importance of security through surveillance, chain of custody and proper screening, procedures and enforcement. We had to meet high standards in education and certifications for security, recycling, the environment laws and following the regulations for FACTA, HIPAA, The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Identity Theft. At that time in the US there were 120 people who were CSDS (Certified Secure Destruction Specialist), our office had 3 of them.

All of these experiences help us provide the unique companies and solutions we have today. Security Masters and Junk Solutions. We spoke to business owners about their problems and concerns and went to work providing the three solutions which can help every business.